We believe that the design process and thoughts behind the physical product are the first, and most important steps towards good design. Why design something in the first place? How can the design of an existing product be improved, and where can the innovative solution be extracted?

Here's an insight into designing and developing the Chatwin CRUCIAL chef knife series. It took almost three years from concept idea to finished product.


Several chefs tested and loved our CRUCIAL knives and their innovative design.

Here's a review from Chef David Tombs at Terra Restaurant:


Chatwin CRUCIAL knives are extremely versatile in their use, and pack away easily and safely in their folding magnetic knife sheath.  

This knife set differentiates itself in six essential areas:

  • Minimalist: No design aspect of these knives is superfluous. Every detail you can see and feel was intentionally designed and has a purpose. 
  • Ergonomic: We designed fully ergonomic knives which extend the user’s comfort into the blade geometry. These knives feel like an extension of your hand. 
  • Versatile: These knives are designed to comfortably fit any hand and any holding position while delivering effortless cutting performance. 
  • Robust: Natural materials simply age gracefully. The finest Swedish steel blade and rosewood handle are beautiful today and will still be stunning decades later. 
  • Functional: This set is the most functional set you'll ever own, covering most daily kitchen knife tasks. 
  • Safe: The wooden knife holder with embedded earth magnets lets you store and transport your knives safely and easily. The magnetic wooden Sapele case keeps your knives and little ones safe.