Q: I just received my CRUCIAL knife set. How do I use it?


  1. Please open the black box gently by pulling the magnetic tab below the logo towards you. 
  2. Remove the wall mount accessory and brochure.
  3. Read the brochure. Seriously. It explains a lot of things in a short amount of time. If you misplaced your brochure, you can read the Chatwin Crucial User Manual by scrolling to the very bottom of this Q&A page.
  4. Remove the wooden knife sheath that holds the three knives
  5. Lay the knife sheath flat on a surface, with the Chatwin logo facing up.
  6. Below the logo, you'll notice finger grooves to insert your fingers and pull the two magnetic sheaths open.
  7. Gently lift one panel until it stops, at roughly a 45 degree angle. If you pull further, the likelihood of snapping the hinges is extremely high. If you're reading this, and your hinges have snapped already, then this means that you did not read the instruction booklet or took notice of the STOP warning label in the shipping box. We'll be happy to send you a new set of hinges, just email us a picture of your accident.
  8. With one hand, hold the opened panel up, with the other hand, remove each knife gently. 
  9. Once all the knives are removed, flip the knife holder up, and now you have two options.
  10. Either leave it open at a 45 degree angle and insert the knives on the outside into the knife handle grooves. The magnet will suck the knife towards the knife panel. OR
  11. Insert the wall accessory (see video at 2:38min) and hang it on the wall. 
  12. Enjoy your very sharp knives, and please be careful. They're very sharp.

 Here's the same step-by-step description in video format:


Q: Can the CRUCIAL chef knives go in the Dishwasher?

A: No. I always recommend hand washing for all kitchen knives.
The steel is a high grade stainless steel used for surgical tools and shaving accessories, which obviously shouldn't rust (imagine getting a surgery done with a rusty blade...). The 13C26 steel would survive dishwasher cycles, but it's not nice, and will void all warranties.

Wood on the other hand tends to swell, and absorb water, especially when it's boiling water inside a dishwasher with harsh detergents. The handles are made of solid rosewood, which is a hardwood, but still prone to warping when boiled (like all woods).
But we like to test stuff: We left a complete knife set in the dishwasher for over 150 cycles. The steel was fine, the wood bleached out, lost nice color and was swollen. It still works fine, just looks a bit beat up.
Conclusion: Please don't ever put these knives in the dishwasher.

Q: The protruding tang on at the end of the CRUCIAL chef knives handle looks weird. Isn't that uncomfortable?


A: Good question. The short answer is: No. It's actually really comfortable.
When first designing this set, the handle's core focus was to make it comfortable and ergonomic to hold in your hand for any given cutting technique. The lower protruding part of the tang is designed on purpose, to nest that tang part in your pinky finger or ring finger joint (depending on the size of your hand). A hand with a size 10 glove hand will barely even notice that protrusion, when pinching the blade. The design also helps you manoeuvre the blade with all of your fingers, pinky included, whereas most knives focus more on the thumb, index finger and middle finger for manoeuvring the blade.
The edges are also polished to soft edges, so no blisters or sharp edges here.
This video explains it in more detail:

Q: That handle on CRUCIAL chef knives looks hard to clean. Will stuff get stuck in there?


A: As with most knives, you should ideally clean them soon after you used them, rather than the next day. Some foods harden more than others and will be hard to clean off any surface.
The CRUCIAL knives don't have any extreme negative spaces that would collect dirt, and are pretty easy to maintain and clean. The rosewood handle is not treated, so they're completely food safe. If you like to give your knives a treat, a gentle oil rub will make the wooden handle shine more. I like to just use cooking oils, since the handle will be in contact with some sort of cooking oil or fate sooner or later, and it doesn't make the wood cloudy.
Here's a short video cleaning the CRUCIAL B13 after splitting a roast chicken and roasted vegetables. I just use mild dishwashing detergent and lukewarm water, and dry them with a kitchen towel.

Q: How does that CRUCIAL magnetic wooden knife holder work? Are the magnets strong? What if I'm left handed?

A: Alright - those are three questions. But they can be answered as one in this short video:

- The magnets we use are strong earth magnets. Magnets are embedded in the wood on both sides of the knife holder.
- If you're left handed, you can just put the knives on the other side to access them with your left hand for easy removal. Tata!

Q: The CRUCIAL B13 boning filet knife has this weird metal fin at the bottom. What's that for?

A: That metal fin is called a blade guard or ricasso (on swords it's a bit different). It's not sharpened, and mainly used to protect your hand and fingers from slippage and cuts. In the case of a boning or fillet knife, this is very useful, especially when working with raw meats, poultry or fish that can have slippery surfaces.
Here's a short video explaining the design and use:


Q: How do I sharpen the CRUCIAL chef knives, and what techniques can or should I use?

A: Chatwin's designer Philippe Schlesser talks about basic knife sharpening techniques and tools using the Chatwin CRUCIAL G21 chef knife as an example. The techniques can be applied to all CRUCIAL knives. For more detailed answer, you can always email us.



Q: How do take care of the wooden handle? What kind of maintenance does it require?

A: The CRUCIAL chef knives use a CNC routed handle, made of durable, sustainably harvested rosewood (Guibourtia hymenaeifolia), also called Patagonian Cherry. This hardwood can get a beautiful darker patina by applying mineral or natural oils to seal the grain. In this video, Philippe Schlesser explains how and what to do.




Below is the text from the Chatwin CRUCIAL booklet that came with your knife set. You're welcome to review it in case you misplaced yours.


Thank you for purchasing Chatwin cutlery, designed at Château de Wintrange in Luxembourg and further developed in Kamloops, Canada. We hope that this heirloom knife collection will be a pleasure to use daily for years to come. Every Chatwin knife is crafted from the finest materials, manufactured with advanced tools and assembled with the most skilled hands. We strive to offer you a knife of excellent balance, ergonomic design and effortless performance.



Unless otherwise stated here, CRUCIAL cutlery by Chatwin Goods & Foods Ltd. carry a limited warranty for the lifetime of the original owner. We guarantee our knives and accessories will perform as advertised when properly used and maintained, and is free of manufacturing defects in material and construction.

Our limited lifetime warranty cannot be transferred to another person and does not extend to normal signs of wear, material loss due to sharpening, damage, blade chipping, rust or breakage due to improper use, improper maintenance, accidents, loss or theft. Any product we determine to be defective will be repaired or replaced solely at our discretion.

To initiate warranty repair or replacement, the owner must send one or several picture(s) of the defect(s) and proof of purchase directly to us by email or contact us through our website. No other warranties are implied or expressed other than what is specifically stated here.


Chatwin wood products, product components and accessories which are made of natural materials, are chosen for the product’s task. Wood will naturally show wear over time, which is not considered a defect.

Our 90-day warranty protects you against original manufacturing defects, but not natural wear.

Please read the Use and Care section for more details.



The CRUCIAL knives are extremely sharp and require careful and cautious handling. These knives may only be used for cutting for culinary purposes, and are not intended for piercing or stabbing. Any other use is abuse and misuse and will void your warranty.

Chatwin Goods & Foods Ltd. is not responsible for any personal injuries resulting from misuse or abuse of our products. Please use these knives on vegetables, fruits and meats only. Please avoid using the knives on bones, mussels, crustacean or very thick-skinned foods like squash or melons, which may damage the blade.



Chatwin products are intended and sold for culinary purposes only. The purchase, ownership and use of knives are subject to various local regulations and laws. Due to the complex and constantly changing nature of these laws and regulations, it is the responsibility of the buyer to investigate and comply with the laws and regulations that apply in his or her specific area. You, and not Chatwin Goods & Foods Ltd., are solely responsible for any claims resulting from violation of these laws and/or regulations.

Any use of this knife collection other than cutting food is considered misuse and abuse and Chatwin Goods & Foods Ltd. is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by misuse and/or abuse.



Honing and sharpening your blades will keep their performance at the highest level. Using them appropriately on a good cutting board will keep the edge sharper longer, and will extend the life of your knives. Solid wood, wood fibre, and polypropylene are great choices for cutting board materials that help retain a sharp edge. Hard materials like glass, ceramic and stone are poor material choices that can damage your knives. For more information on cutting techniques and care instructions, please visit our website.



CRUCIAL knives are crafted of Swedish 13C26 steel, tempered to an above average hardness than most regular kitchen knives. This means that the steel is harder, keeps its edge longer, takes a bit longer to sharpen, but can achieve a much sharper acute edge.  Harder steel also means that it is slightly more brittle  and blades can chip when not used appropriately. Cleaning and storing them correctly will keep the knives from ageing and corroding. Although these knives are made of stainless steel, we strongly advise to never clean your knives in a dishwasher and avoid using corrosive detergents like bleach or citrus based soaps. We recommend to only use mild dishwashing soap when handwashing. Cleaning your knives in a dishwasher will void your warranty. Never leave knives submerged in the sink as it may harm the knives and can cause injuries to your hands trying to wash dishes. Always rinse knives with water after handwashing and dry with a towel keeping your fingers away from the edge to avoid injury.

Air dry the knives briefly for moisture to evaporate, and store them on the CRUCIAL knife rack. The wooden handle is made of solid rosewood. Wood tends to shrink in a very dry environment and can swell in a very humid environment. We recommend cleaning and drying the wood handles right after every use, which will keep the wood from warping. Wood handles can be coated with a thin layer of natural oils to bring out the grain and natural shine of the wood pattern and color.



The CRUCIAL knife rack is made of Sapele hardwood veneer and has twelve strong Rare Earth Magnets embedded in its wood fibre core. We recommend keeping your knife rack free standing in a stable angle at the 45° stop or hanging on the wall with the included wall hanger accessory. Moving the knife rack while knives are mounted on the rack can result in knives falling off, potentially resulting in personal injury or damage to the knives. Never force open knife rack beyond the 45°

angle, which will result in broken hinges. When moving the knife rack, always remove knives first, or insert knives between knife rack sheaths to transport knives safely. Please do not submerge or wash knife rack in water. Only use a humid towel to wipe the surface clean. Do not use knife rack as a cutting board.



Regular honing will extend the life of your edge, and time between sharpening. When your knives need sharpening, we recommend using whetstones or a professional sharpener. CRUCIAL knives are ground to a 15° double bevel grind, and should be sharpened at that angle. Using other angles can result in a less well sharpened blade, and can even dull your knives.


If you read and carefully follow these instructions, your knives will likely become a beautifully aging heirloom.


We thank you and wish you bon appétit.

Should you have any questions that aren't answered in this section, please get in touch on our contact page.