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The CRUCIAL chef knives are crafted from the finest Swedish 13c26 Sandvik steel and ground to an acute 15 degree angle. All three blades feature a continuous full tang handle hardened to 59-60 HRC. The CNC routed handle, made of durable, sustainably harvested rosewood (Guibourtia hymenaeifoliawith our own internally embedded rivet system is ergonomically designed to provide excellent grip for enhanced performance.

The innovative wooden Sapele knife holder with embedded rare earth magnets holds the knives safely and can be used as a safe knife travel case, opened as a free standing knife holder on a counter, or as a magnetic wall mounted knife rack.

The set is composed of three most useful kitchen knives: a paring, boning/filet and chef knife.
The P10 is a 4inch / 10cm paring knife for smaller tasks, cutting fruit and vegetables.
The B13 is a 5.5inch / 13cm boning knife, featuring a stiff blade for easy carving and deboning and a contoured bolster fin to prevent slippage and give your hand extra control for working the blade around bones.
The G21 is an 8inch / 21cm Gyuto style chef knife. Designed with a perfected rocker from tip to center blade for effortless chopping, and a flat lower edge for clean cuts.

Chatwin CRUCIAL knives make exceptional gifts for any knife lover and chef and are covered by a lifetime warranty against defects. Wash and dry only by hand.

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